"Learn a pH Life"
Wendy Meggett, Ed.S, BCEA, CLC
Coach Wendy "Lrn Lfe"
Founder & Principal

I am a Professional Life Coach, Advocate, & Consultant.
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Education, Advocacy, Behavior, Life Coach, Consultant & Inspirational Writer/Speaker
"I am certified in Special Education, Advocacy, & Coaching. In addition, I am trained in Mentoring, Applied Behavior Analysis techniques & Project Management."
Coach Wendy
Available in the local area for after school coaching or consulting sessions Monday to Friday, I also offer sessions on Saturdays. All sessions are by appointment and can take place at the client's home or public locations such as the library, book store, or coffee shop.

Individual sessions are very affordable and billed per hour or for a flat fee biweekly or monthly. The services are individualized to better meet the needs of the client. In addition, I offer conferencing via Sykpe or phone.

For Advocacy services, I am available to advise during the same times and provide you with a formal document to use for discussion of the areas of need. However, if I am needed to attend meeting during the day, please schedule with me in advance and I will support you.  

Finally, if there is a need for a passionate Inspirational Speaker, I am available to speak to an audience at your organization scheduled well in advance.  My rates are very competitive and discounted for long term bookings.
Mentor Coach Consultant
There is a difference between mentoring, coaching, and consulting.

Coaching is focused on the improvement of behavior to improve performance in some way. Once that need is met, coaching goes away until the next skills that have to be learned and applied.

Mentoring is development driven. Overtime individual growth and maturity is sought.  

Consulting is giving expert advice to other people in the profession. My expert advice is in teacher development, special education, and behavior management.  

A combination of the three concepts will help achieve positive and relevant outcomes.